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The specialists guides in Amazon birds

Tour Leader

Reynier Omena Junior is our experienced Birding Guide for Amazon Rainforest

Tour Leader

Reynier Omena Junior is a biologist, lives in Manaus and he is specializes in Amazonian birds. Has over 18 years of experience in identifying of birds and he serves as a guide there are 16. He is the author of “Aves da Amazonia: Guia de referencia a observação de aves”, 3rd edition, bilingual version (Portuguese – English) published in 2014 . He is the founder of www.birding.com.br, acts as a guide and led many tours to bird watching for tourists from around the world. The first Reynier language is Portuguese; he is not fluent in English, but he can communicate effectively, and has worked as a guide for many groups of tourists, especially of English language.

Reynier Omena Junior uses two iPods containing the vocalizations of approximately 1,500 Amazonian birds to attract them, a speaker, together with a laser pointer to point the species that are often difficult to detect in the field. It is performed in the field of Bioacustic, and actually generates a lot of own recordings using a directional microphone, a parabolic and two digital recorders. His tours can include many areas around Manaus, including Presidente Figueiredo, Anavilhanas, Novo Airão, Marchantaria Island, Careiro, Itacoatiara, Manacapuru, Silves, Iranduba, Rio Ariau, Trans-Amazon Highway (BR-319) and others. He is available to guide from Sunday through Friday.